parts recycling

Car plastic parts

Thanks to a unique plastic sorting technological process we are able to processmulti-component plastic waste such as bumpers, instrument panels, interior plastics from cars and dashboard components while achieving quality that is fully comparable with the original raw materials. Raw materials obtained in this process are returned back their producers who use them in production processes or in other final products.

Plastic components from appliances

Our technological procedures allow us to crush and separate industrial waste composed of several plastics, ferrous or non-ferrous metals including plastic and metals together. We focus, for example, on the visible outer parts of washing machines and washing machine drums. However, the largest part of our process represents separation of crushed materials from refrigerators and cooling appliances. It is a mixture of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, different types of plastics, wood and other materials. Our technology allows us to separate these composite materials and, thanks to this process, we are able to obtain nearly pure outputs in the form of plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. All materials are processed to achieve high quality outputs. The acquired raw materials are returned back to the original manufacturer for further processing or they are forwarded for additional use.

We are open to new material processing and are able to handle 20 tonnes or more on a regular monthly basis. Our technology allows us to reprocess and crush materials down to the desired grain size and separate plastics from metals. Our services provide an alternative solution to costly incineration or to storage of waste in landfills.