Education in PRAKTIK

Education makes a lot of sense to us, and even more so when it comes to educating the next generation. We see great importance in educating pupils and students not only in the field of recycling, but also in technical fields.

We offer one-day educational programmes on recycling with a focus on e-waste for groups from primary, secondary and higher education.

We offer two basic programmes:

Find out more on the individual programme pages below:


Objective of the programmes

The aim of our programmes is to open up the world of e-waste recycling and its importance for our future. To show pupils and students how they can use their knowledge of mathematics, physics and technical subjects in future employment.  They can all try to be one of us in one day through games and experiments. Each programme has a story to tell thanks to our challenge: "Bring in an old, broken electrical appliance and we'll show you its life journey."

Test your knowledge

Before you head to Praktik, try testing your knowledge of recyklaci recycling with a fun quiz.

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