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Number one on the market for 27 years.

PRAKTIK system s.r.o. was founded in 1994 by Petr Linhart, its sole owner. Today, PRAKTIK ranks among the top European processors of electrical waste and plastics thanks to its experience, technological background and quality of services.  Our services are focused on the maximum use of recovered raw materials (ferrous, non-ferrous metals, plastics) and are offered to our partners throughout Europe. The continuous development of our technologies is motivated by the effort to offer our customers above-standard services in the field of waste management and environmental protection.

Each processed tonne of cooling saves 11.59 t CO2, and each processed tonne of plastic saves 1.2 t CO2.

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3. 3. 2021

What are the current trends in waste management?

What does our company deal with and what challenges do we see in the field of waste treatment?  You could read this all on February 25, 2021 in Hospodářské noviny or here.

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