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We have been searching for the perfect recycling solution for 20 years.

PRAKTIK system s.r.o. is a company with 20 years experience on the Czech market and with extensive processing experience. We processed appliances, electronic, electrical equipment and composite waste using environment friendly methods. Our aim is to maximise the utilisation of processed commodities and multi-component waste. Together with our customers – the producers of the waste – we are seeking the most effective processing method in order to return the obtained raw materials back into the production process.

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23. 4. 2019

Corporate event 2019

This year's corporate event on June 21, 2019 is getting clear. Soon we will share more information about it. Meanwhile, let's remember how it looked last year.

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10. 1. 2017

Start up of our new website

Starting in March 2017, our website will be available in English and German

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 +420 485 252 144

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Pod Vinicí 81 (Industrial zone I)
471 27 Stráž pod Ralskem

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