What are the current trends in waste management?

What does our company deal with and what challenges do we see in the field of waste treatment?  You could read this all on February 25, 2021 in Hospodářské noviny or here.

We are the largest recycler of electrical and plastic waste in the Czech Republic with a 25-year tradition. Thanks to our processing experience, technological know-how and wide range of services, we rank among the European leaders in our field. We employ 80 employees in 3 branches. Since 2008 we have been cooperating with the prison service in the employment of convicts.

We have 2 major recycling programs with a total capacity of 50,000 tons / year.

Electrical waste recycling

  • Cooling system (domestic, industrial)
  • Large and small household appliances
  • TV, IT

Plastic waste recycling

  • Plastics from refrigerators and large appliances
  • Plastics from the automotive industry (instrument panels, bumpers)

Development requires appropriate investment

In 2019 we invested 165 million CZK to the most advanced technology for recycling cooling with subsequent finishing of plastics. The new line processes 450 thousand discarded refrigerators annually. Processing one tonne of refrigerators we save 11.59 tonnes of CO2, processing one tonne of plastics we save 1.2 tonnes of CO2.

Comprehensive solution for your waste

We offer services to collective systems, automotive parts manufacturers, waste companies, car wrecks, etc. In addition to the waste treatment area, we provide a whole portfolio of additional services, such as logistics and waste collection systems, handling the necessary administration for waste acceptance and consulting.

Use of recyclates

The aim of our work is the elimination of hazardous waste and the maximum material use of the obtained raw materials, for which we are looking for applications throughout Europe. For example, in Germany, acids are produced from freon and pentane recovered from the recycling of discarded refrigerators, ferrous metals are taken from smelters, non-ferrous metals from foundries and plastics from plastics companies. We use 80% of the delivered waste material - with a capacity of 50,000 tons, it is 40,000 tons of recycled raw materials every year.

The ecological solution is not always the cheapest for waste producers, and the raw materials obtained do not exceed the quality of the original raw material. For the success of the circular economy, stable support from the state is necessary. It is necessary to stimulate demand for recycled raw materials, as is happening in Western countries, for example, through taxation of primary raw materials, lower VAT rates on recycled products, mandatory content of recycled products, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to promote European cooperation for two reasons: the utilization of the technological equipment built, in which it was invested, and ensuring the disposal of the raw materials obtained. In the Czech Republic, capacities for the use of recycled raw materials are not created.

Long-term solution = quality solution

We hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CENELEC and BLUE Angel certificates, which demonstrate our high process level. In our own laboratory we control the quality of input and output commodities. We are also members of EERA (European electronics recyclers association) and AREO (Association of electric waste recyclers in the Czech Republic).

"In building PRAKTIK, my personal goal is to provide a stable and growth environment for my employees, thereby enabling business partners to use our expertise in joint activities. I see the key to success in finding a balance between client requirements and our capabilities. We have been doing this for a long time and we want to develop this effort further."