We support education

Much has happened in education in our country in 2023. Learning is a noble thing to do and we at PRAKTIK know and support this very well.

PRAKTIK system supported the education of its employees and their children several times during the year.

  • In addition to the mandatory training sessions, we all had the opportunity to visit iQLANDIA with the whole family in the spring - a modern science centre where children and adults have fun with science. Here they prepared a fun program for the whole day, which we thoroughly enjoyed.
  • For the children of our employees, this year's PRAKTIK through the eyes of children was also in the spirit of science, creation, technology and fun. From Monday to Friday, the children created, explored and played. They accomplished a lot in one week. They modelled with special materials and printed on 3D printers, created in the iFABLAB, visited iQLANDIA and iQPARK where they could explore the world. On the last day, they completed a suburban camp at the Liberec Zoo.
  • In the autumn, we taught our children that we all have to take care of nature and as part of the autumn event we jointly cleaned up part of the company's wooded area. We collected a full container of rubbish that careless people had thrown away. The reward for everyone involved was a Laser-game and a roasting of sausages.

And not to focus only on employees and their children, PRAKTIK system has now prepared One-Day Educational Programmes for school pupils and students. The already ongoing excursions have now been expanded to include opportunities to try being integrated into the company and get a taste of the work of a laboratory technician. In the laboratories, they try out in groups the procedures we use in sorting. And because the recycling cycle never ends, each class leaves with a gift that keeps them in the recycling wheel. Learn more about our education on our Education page.

Furthermore, our representatives participated in two student competitions, namely Microtely in Lanškroun and the Business Talent 2023 student competition organized within the Liberec Region, which PRAKTIK system supported financially. The aim of both competitions was to encourage children in the technical field, to give them a peek behind the scenes of technology, development and programming.

We are pleased with all these activities and believe that they are beneficial for our employees, their families and the general public, which is why we want to continue them in 2024.